Extension and massage couches

Relief from back pain

Back pain is often the result of heavy or one-sided strain. The intervertebral discs, which are located between the vertebrae, act as shock absorbers in a healthy state. However, if they are continuously subjected to high loads, their nutrient supply suffers and they lose elasticity. This can lead to a bulging or herniated disc, whereby the disc tissue presses on neighboring nerves and causes pain.

Extension therapy with the Tesi Comfort Trac Duo provides effective relief for the affected region. The patient lies in a comfortable supine position on a specially designed table. Gentle traction on the affected section of the spine creates more space for the compressed intervertebral disc, allowing it to be better supplied with nutrients and reducing pressure and pain.

This gentle, non-surgical treatment method is free of side effects and is made even more pleasant by an optional heat and massage function. Regular use of extension therapy is recommended for lasting relief or reduction of discomfort.

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TESI ComfoTrac Duo

The comfort extension couch for lumbar and cervical spine extension combines the decisive features of massage and extension.