The comfort therapy device with the three-dimensional interferential current.

The comfort therapy device takes a top position in electrotherapy. It works with three-dimensional interference current, which is created by superimposing three medium-frequency currents flowing in different directions. It can be used as a stimulation current and ultrasound therapy device as well as for the combination of stimulation current with ultrasound. In contrast to classical interference methods, the additional third circuit causes a slow change in intensity on the one hand and a rhythmic shift of the interference field on the other. This dynamic of stimulus location and intensity reduces the habituation effect and thus improves the effect.


  • One-level user interface through 15″ colour touch screen
  • High-quality design made of 8 mm brushed aluminium
  • Quick operation via favourites selection
  • All language variants possible
  • Accessories of the 8 and 9 series compatible
  • Indication selection with investment assistance through colour images
  • Interactive help menu

Application spectrum:

  • Use in treatment:
    • Muscle toning and detonation
    • Galvanisation and iontophoresis
    • Paralysis of totally or partially degenerated muscles
    • Inactivity atrophies and weakened musculature
    • Pain, muscle spasms, functional diseases of the musculoskeletal system
    • Pelvic floor stimulation
    • Treatment of urinary and faecal incontinence
  • Use in diagnostics:
    • MF test according to Dr Lange
    • Recording of I/T curves (numerical and graphical in the display)
    • Comprehensive non-invasive electrodiagnosis of peripheral paralysis
    • Qualitative and quantitative determination of faradic excitability
    • Determination of rheobase and chronaxy


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  • Complete set of classic stimulus streams
  • Two-channel interference current
  • Stereodynamic interference current with:
    • spatial stimulus action
    • Multilocal stimulus effect
    • Intensity dynamics
    • Stimulus location dynamics and thus stimulus displacement endogenously/exogenously
  • Automatic programmes for sedation, myomotor and autonomic stimulation are available


  • Integrated module for ultrasound therapy (1/3 MHz) with a titanium treatment surface and for the combination of electrotherapy and ultrasound therapy
  • integrated module for venturi suction application
  • In design and function specially adapted to the new Stereodynator® equipment trolley with storage surface

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