Whoever is affected by polyneuropathy (PNP) usually has only one wish: to finally be free of pain again. When it burns, tingles and nothing works anymore, who feels a loss of surface sensitivity, a feeling of numbness, "formication" and shooting pain, everyday life is usually associated with restrictions, such as poor sleep, crippling pain, pain medication.


HiToP®PNP, exclusively patented worldwide for gbo Medizintechnik AG, has no known side effects. Over 10,000 patients have already been helped in this way.

HTEMS®, HighTone Electrical Muscle Stimulation is in use in around 400 practices, several clinics and institutes. Unlike classical electrotherapy (TENS), HTEMS® acts directly on the thigh muscles in depth and produces pleasant but intense and thus effective contractions.
In August 2011, HTEMS® was included in the National Health Care Guidelines. Although the study situation on this approach is continuously being expanded, it is not yet sufficient to be taken into account in the catalogue of benefits of the statutory health insurance funds.

The double-blind study necessary for acceptance by conventional medicine is missing.


Burning, tingling, numb feet? Those affected by polyneuropathy can find free background information on the disease and the current treatment methods at schmerz-med.de. Prof. Dr. med. Stephan Martin, head physician for diabetology at the Association of Catholic Hospitals Düsseldorf (VKKD) and director of the West German Diabetes and Health Centre (WDGZ), describes his experiences with high tone therapy and its use in practice. The website also informs about the possibility to test the devices in pharmacies and to borrow or buy them for treatment at home. It is also possible to contact the polyneuropathy competence team via the site.

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