skinny lift® LIPO
Professional body sculpting

The innovation in non-invasive fat reduction.

skinny lift® LIPO - apoptosis in action.

To achieve sustainable fat reduction, the adipocytes must be removed, i.e. they must "die". There are two ways to achieve fat cell death: Necrosis and Apoptosis. While necrosis is typically caused by external forces and leads to inflammation, apoptosis involves fat cells being broken down and disposed of by natural metabolism. Apoptosis of fat cells can be induced by exposing them to temperatures between 42°C and 45°C for longer than 15 minutes.

skinny lift® LIPO - A RF aesthetic concept.

Non-contact radiofrequency fat reduction treatments are revolutionising the Medical Asthetics market. It is successfully used to reduce unsightly fat deposits on the body without surgical intervention. With the skinny lift® LIPO applicator, the areas to be treated are heated without contact via an RF field. The unique frequency of 27.12 MHz leads to a very selective heating of the fat cells by a factor of >15 compared to the surrounding tissue. After treatment, the destroyed fat cells are removed by the natural metabolism within the next 8 to 10 weeks. Typical waist circumference reductions are about 5 cm (starting with 4 mm of subcutaneous fat).


  • Highly effective fat reduction
  • Largest treatment area on the market
  • Extremely comfortable patient experience


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skinny lift LIPO

skinny lift® LIPO - The treatment process

The skinny lift® LIPO treatment is designed to locally reduce fatty tissue as part of professional body contouring. The treatment areas are primarily the abdomen and hips. Applicators for upper arms, thighs and buttocks follow in the next step. One treatment lasts 30 to 45 minutes. skinny lift® LIPO follows a curative approach, therefore a treatment sequence of 4 weekly treatments is recommended. The patient lies down comfortably on the treatment couch. The applicator is placed around the patient's abdomen. Then the treatment process is started and follows an automated sequence.

Applikator skinny lift

skinny lift LIPO - The applicator

skinny lift® LIPO uses a completely new applicator that offers outstanding advantages for treatment success, handling and patient comfort. It also offers the largest treatment area on the market. The applicator is equipped with integrated active air cooling, which allows higher temperatures in the fatty tissue, while the patient feels nothing but a pleasant warming. Hotspots, skin redness and burning are no longer an issue.

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