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Worldwide patented high tone technology, electrical, ultrasound, RF heat, cryotherapy and extension technology provide the basis for first-class medical technology "Made in Germany". Our product solutions can be found in clinics, practices of physiotherapists and in cosmetic studios. Learn more about our innovative products!

High Tone Power therapy

High tone therapy is a further development of electrotherapy. Classic electrotherapy - also called stimulation current therapy - stimulates the nerves and muscles. The differences can be seen in the effect, in the technique and in the practical application.

PNP treatment

Those affected by polyneuropathy (PNP) usually have only one wish: to finally be free of pain again. When it burns, tingles and nothing works anymore, who feels a loss of surface sensitivity, a feeling of numbness, "formication" and shooting pain, everyday life is usually associated with restrictions.


Electrotherapy is one of the oldest forms of treatment and was mentioned as early as 46 AD in the form of treatment with the electric ray. Electrotherapy uses electrical currents to activate and support the body's natural healing processes.

Ultrasound therapy

The ultrasound therapy device generates the ultrasound waves with the help of the two main components: generator and treatment head. Ultrasound can be used successfully for: inflammatory, rheumatic diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

HF heat therapy

High-frequency heat therapy makes it possible to precisely heat tissue areas close to the surface as well as in depth. This physical-therapeutic method is particularly suitable for subacute and chronic rheumatic diseases of the joints and muscles.

Extension couches

Extension or massage couches can achieve a wide variety of therapeutic effects depending on their function. These include the effects of heat and vibration as well as intermittent extensions.


Cryotherapy is a procedure that has been known and proven for about 100 years. Until now, it has usually been carried out by bringing an applicator to a very low temperature using different types of refrigerants, which are then used to treat patients.

skinny lift

skinny lift® - our brand for the beauty sector. skinny lift® is based on our 40 years of experience in medical technology. By combining different technologies, we developed treatment methods for anti-aging and body treatment in the aesthetic field.