The microwave device for heat therapy in the radiation field

The Radiotherm® generates constant and pulsed microwave energy for thermal and athermal application. With relief of the subcutaneous fatty tissue, muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints are favorably influenced by microwave irradiation: Increased blood circulation, increased cell metabolism, spasmolysis and pain relief are among the most important effects, which already occur after a relatively short treatment period. The range of application is extended by impulse operation. Acute inflammatory processes can also be treated in a targeted manner.

radiotherm®1006 Wärmetherapie


  • Continuous and pulse operation
  • Effortless operation via 12" capacitive touch - like a tablet
  • Automatic switch-off after the end of the treatment
  • Immediate operational readiness
  • Stepless regulation of the Radiotherm® power from 0 to 200 watts
  • Easy application by directing the microwave radiator to the treatment area; no high frequency tuning; only one holding arm required
  • Special radiators for different applications: Circular-field, long-field and trough radiators (up to 200 W) for extremities and extensive treatment zones, focus radiators for narrowly localized disease foci


  • Very easy to use
  • Modern housing design
  • Modern user interface
  • Favorites can be saved
  • Accessories of the previous device are compatible

Application spectrum:

  • By means of a high-frequency electromagnetic field, tissue heating is achieved in continuous operation and an athermal effect in pulsed operation.
  • The patient group includes adults and adolescents.
  • The operator group includes instructed specialist personnel such as physicians, physician assistants and physiotherapists in specialist facilities such as clinics, medical or physiotherapy practices.


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