Sonostat® 133 the favourable entry into ultrasound therapy

The Sonostat® 133 with the different depth-effective frequencies of 1 MHz and 3.3 MHz offers the entry into ultrasound therapy due to its simple operability. The ultrasound is applied with ergonomically designed and completely waterproof treatment heads with an area of 2.5 cm² or 5 cm². The ultrasound head is made of high-quality titanium. Compared to conventional aluminium heads, titanium is bionised, i.e. 100% skin-friendly, much more robust and thus more durable and does not tarnish.

Sonostat®133 Ultraschalltherapiegerät

Compact housing design, high operating comfort and the best possible safety concept are further significant quality features of the Sonostat® 133.


  • Combination therapy with Duodynator®
  • Sound frequency 1/3 MHz
  • BHK made of high-quality titanium
  • Transportable for flexible use

Application spectrum:

Ultrasound can be successfully applied to due to its mechanical, thermal, chemical and biological effects:

  • inflammatory, rheumatic diseases of the musculoskeletal system
  • pain in the musculoskeletal system



  • Ultrasound at 1 and 3 MHz with the same ultrasound probe
  • Fully waterproof treatment heads with 2.5 cm² and 5 cm² available
  • Transducer surface made of titanium and thus bioinert (100% skin-friendly)
  • Attractive design
  • Continuous and impulse sound (1:5, 1:10, 1:20)
  • Optical and acoustic coupling control
  • Easily transportable in the optionally available case


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