TESI ComfoTrac Duo The comfort extension couch for lumbar and cervical spine extension

TESI couches combine the decisive features of massage and extension. An innovative, medical-therapeutic generation of TESI couches has been developed. Not only the comfortable and simple operation, but also the electrically adjustable stepped bed support as well as the adjustability of all settings via a touch screen round off the high technical standard and the captivating design.

Comfotrac Duo


  • Spine extension with precision-controlled traction force up to 160 N
  • Spine extension with precision-regulated traction up to 600 N
  • Adjustable and controlled surface heating of the support in the back area
  • Comfortable 75 cm wide lying surface
  • Vertebral massage with: adjustable massage area, adjustable contact pressure, adjustable speed
  • Massage vibration with adjustable BMS frequencies
  • All settings via a large LCD touch screen
  • Electrically adjustable stepped bed position, depending on body size
  • Easy to use via the touchscreen display


  • Cervical and lumbar spine extension
  • Easy operation via touchscreen
  • All language variants possible

Application spectrum:

  • Back pain
  • Herniated disc


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    TESI ComfoTrac

    The comfort extension couch for lumbar spine extension. TESI couches combine the decisive features of massage and extension.

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